Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy trailer

Ode to Joy is a narrative film about two married couples, their friendship, and man’s eternal quest for the elusive concept known as self-understanding. This is a 3 minute trailer, the full length is 92 minutes.

Please contact me if you are interested in viewing a dvd. peter@peterseterdahl.com


OvaNatural ®

OvaNatural ® is a narrative film about a private corporation that breeds females of “supreme beauty and vitality” for discerning international buyers. From a remote, undisclosed mountain village in Switzerland, OvaNatural operates a fully securitized compound where 10 women (breeders of impeccable genetic standards) each produce one child per year.

Clip from film coming soon.

Elwood Small, Knight of the Intervale

Elwood Small, Knight of the Intervale

Elwood Small, age twelve, is a modern day Don Quixote. He travels the intervale of the Connecticut River Valley with his horned goat Elizabeth and seeks to protect the vulnerable from injustice. He lives with his ill father, Leonard Small, a chicken farmer, on a farm that has been farmed by the Elwoods for over 200 years.

This project is in pre-preproduction.